Friday, November 30, 2007

Japanese Drama - Galileo

Apart from a pretty face who still cannot really act, I have no idea what the fuss about Taiwan Drama Serial Romantic Princess is...

The plot is boring, shallow and acting was lame. Jokes aint funny, no major storyline there... its mainly a series just aimed at teenagers who couldnt get enuff of their heart throb Wu Zun. The whole success of the show seem to weigh on Wu Zun which seem grossly unfair for a rather novice actor. He's a eye candy and looker alright but it just isnt enough to hold my attention...The script and shooting was so badly done that I couldnt bear to go on... utter waste of time.

So instead I moved on to good old Japanese drama - Galileo. If you havent catch on to this, you should jump onto the wagon immediately. At least the script writer DELIVEERS what they are being paid for, a PLOT. No matter that some may seem a little far fetched and convenient, its still a show that tickle your brain - like how does a guy die from sudden fire combustion on his head, or how a boy whose hindered window view can see a red car opposite the river. Its about a professor who doesnt believe in supernatural and helping the police solve the most "unseemingly" incidents (crime) with scientific explaination. I am up to watching episode 2 and I am glued! Its prob at episode 7 or 8 now in Japan.

Its good, and definitely worth my hour a week.

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