Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chilling out, fish and chips

Didnt havent any plans so me and Gwenie drove around and ended up at Bronte beach because we were looking for fish and chips.

The weather was absolutely lovely after a few days of light spits of rain. So we packed and went down next to the beach front and have our fresh hot yummy barramundi fish fillet!

The sun was so nice though we forgot our sun screen and so we only gave ourselves an hour with the cool breeze blowing. It was absolutely relaxing, just beaching out and chit chatting while looking our at the blue sea...with many topless sun bathers...including a mama to be.
As We people watched, and came to same conclusion that its just not possible to do this in singapore. Firstly, our sea is crap, so not much view. Our sun is too hot and weather humid to be sitting comfortably. Thirdly, in sydney, no one stares or comment or gives u funny look regardless what u wear, or dont wear by the beach. Its just a very nice relaxed feeling that somehow is unattainable back home.

While sitting there, a few blokes walked past us and tried to say hello in mandarin. We smiled backand carry on chatting and they try to speak jap instead. Me and gwen just stared at each other and laughed away. Then we meddled with our auto timer shots and i discover my coke can is a very sturdy and good camera support in moments like this:P

I miss hanging out with frens.

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