Thursday, November 29, 2007

Major Retail Therapy

Today is pure retail therapy shopping! Last nite, gwen and I already took the catalogue and marked down the items we are going to look at and consider buying... it was so full of purpose! Poor Yun isnt a shopper by nature but she stuck around with us anyway. In the end, we spend 4 -5 hours in Bondi shoppng, with 90% on homeware stuff. Ha ha.

Gwen decided to get the big carving holder but i passed it up. I decided to get another black and white floral and birdie textured print candle holder instead. Partially because i wasnt prepared to folk out $140 for a candle holder (when i am not working!), so I went for a cheap option of $15. I wanted a box for my linen sheets but again, the one at papaya cost $90, so I went to Target and got the $50 box instead :P At the same time, I grab 2 black patterned mugs at $3 each.

We browsed through other designer store and intially gwen was thinkin of buying a rubber 2-1 DND door hanger + stopper. But i stopped her coz i just dun think its very functional. Plus she wont be using DND since she is living on her own! Instead, in another shop, i spotted this really super unique Heels shapped door stopper at $15 and she loved it and grabbed it!

I saw a really cool bed side clock and was thinking of it... i think i will grab it tomorrow! Prob will also get more placemats, bedsheets and the candle holder...

After all the homeware stuff, we decide to go for clothings! However, before that, I still cannot find a nice linen water for ironing and its depressing. It frustrates me that I cannot find my Comfort Vaporesse Iron water here.. i should have brought a crate from HK and Singapore man... darn! This is the BEST iron water EVER! The nice lasting fragrance in my clothes, and also prevents limescales built up in my steam iron. No idea why it hasnt caught on for this fantastic product by Unilever! Plus its a fraction of the price compare to linen water from L'Occitane (A$21) and Wheels & Barrow.

Gwen bought lotsa stuff from Portsman andCue. I only got myself a nice white and lime green day dress from Guess. I didnt feel like buying more since I aint working... It was so nice to go shopping after a long dormant period:) Hoo hoo hoo.. We had to make many trips to the car to keep dropping our "harvests" off... In the end, parking cost us $16 which i decide to split half with Gwen since she is doing the driving and petrol (which aint cheap..)

Canx wait for dinner!

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