Monday, November 19, 2007

A super unplesant car incident

Had a very feeble attempt at fishing over the weekend. I should say, my one and only 1 min attempt, which obviously yield no catch! The granites in the water keep snagging our line and we gave up pretty quickly. I just hope no fishes will go for the prawn bait, with the hook still attached to it with the broken line.

However, the highlight that marked the day, wasnt the fishing experience but rather my car experience.

Drove around with LL and decided to stop at Swansea. We had to stop at the petrol service stop to purchase the fishing license ( A$6 for 3 days per person). I had a very unpleasant 5 mins experience of being trapped in the car, which by the way is no joke and now i understand why people can die in there.

LL stopped the car, got out and habitually took the key out and slam the door shut. I was just putting his bag back to the back seat when the all the doors in the car went auto lock and I realise that I was stucked! LL by then was already 3/4 away from the car and obviously did not hear me. He obviously didnt bother to look back since he didnt think I was following. At that moment, it didnt occur to me to hit the horn either because he was suppose to be back like a min after asking directions, nor was I to know how hellish it would be for the following.

I was perfectly alrite until the fking car alarm went off. Apparently this stupid smart car not only auto lock the car, it has a bloody sensor that someone was still in the car, without the car key. So here i was trapped in the car, in the stinking sun shining in without shades, all the windows wind up, and everyone at the petrol station was staring at me, wondering WHY i didnt turn off the alarm which i couldnt.

Now what really was making me boil was both the unbelievably stiffling high noon heat and lack of air in the car, as well as cursing LL with the most "colourful swearing words" at that instant for his blatant stupidity. I spotted him inside the air conditioned area Q'ing up with the car alarm still going off. Everyone around, including the woman that was standing in line behind him heard the alarm and looked out, everyone EXCEPT him. That pisses me off even more. The 5 mins wait felt like eternity in hell...

It was getting increasingly stuffy and unbearable in the car. Damn!

When LL finally walked out of the petrol supermarket, he was still walking fking slowly with a frown on his face, prob wondering why i didnt deactivate the car. When he finally unlock the car, i opened my door in the split second for fresh cool air, before turning around to blast at him. Which of course was the question "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU TAKE THE KEYS FOR and LOCKING ME IN!" Apparently even HE didnt realise the car has an auto lock function which stops anyone inside from unwinding the window as well. That;s what happen when a man doesnt read instruction manual from his new car..

Anycase, I didnt die. Not that I would since i prob would have fking horned and get somone to break the windows if he doesnt return in the next 10mins. Now, that would have been a really expensive fishing expedition.

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