Monday, September 5, 2011

Indonesian food in Sydney. Yummy!

One of the greatest thing in life apart from family is friends. What will my life be like without all my friends is rather unthinkable!

During my last trip back to Australia for Dad's birthday in June, caught up with my galfren currently doing her medical stint in Sydney. Would have been better if she had been doing her stint while I was still living in Sydney back then! Think of all the roadtrips we could have had...sigh.

Anycase, she brought me to this yummy Indonesian Food place. Cannot rem the name of the place but its along the food street near the university of NSW. Loved the spread!

After dinner, we drove off in search of good cafe but in good typical Oz fashion, most of the shops are closed even if it was only close to 9pm. One thing I sure dont miss about this place is the hours the shop keep. We managed to find one just before the shutter comes down and grabbed a few to-go and headed off to Centennial Park for our girly chats in the car instead with Darling harbor bridge as our backdrop. Since we both are not tourists to the city, didnt bother with any scenic shot but rather, took a picture of the cake we were gonna ravished in the next 30 seconds to come. Ha!

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