Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Acquisition: Japan Made Cast Iron Tea Pot

I am irresistible to all things cute and functional. I spotted this in 生活館@ Times Square.

ANanbu cast iron tea pot from Japan and after sitting on it for 2 weeks, I decided to get it with another set for my mum.

It's not an impulsive decision. The very first time I had seen this years was back in The Quay restaurant in Sydney, the green version. Was already intrigued by it then. Shortly after, these heavy Japanese cast iron pots seemed to be the next trendy "tea pot" wave as I see more and more of it in fine dining spots in different countries. Years on, since my fascination with it has not dimmed, why not one for myself? Got one for mum too since it was near impossible for me to find a nice tea pot with tea strainer in Singapore my last trip back.

The pots come in 2 choices, with one that only accept hot water poured in (with or without tea strainer), and the other that allows you to boil water with it like the ways of an old pot kettle. I chose the former since I hate watching the fire and I dont trust my mum to know how to use it properly. Each set came up to about HK2000. I never said it was cheap.

The supposed properties is that the "iron" built up inside as sediments are supposed to be good for health. I am not sure how much I buy all that crap since I am more for the looks, the fact it comes with a tea strainer and it sits pretty in he dining table when not in used. Need I say more?

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