Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MIL in hospital.

My husband was telling me the other day, that his sister aka the fat bitch has not been going over to their mother's place for some time. Seemed like she was busy with something.

I had to bite my tongue to refrain from passing sarcastic remarks that now that their 2 spoilt brats are grown up and in school, and the fat lazy arse no longer requires their mum to feed and care for the kids, of course she has no more use for the old folks.  Moreover, I was secretly thinking to myself, everytime they MIA for a short while, some "bigger" request or events will bound to come later. However, owning to the fact that these are not my immediate family and she aint stepping on my tail this time, I didnt want to pass comments which may result in a super unhappy conversation on my end.

Just the other day, my mother in law called to ask for a CD compilation of all the photos I took for my father in law birthday. Previously I had asked her if she wanted a CD or developed prints. She told me prints and I had to Q and make 2 trips to get it done to send to her. Now suddenly out of the blue she wanted the CD. I know why she wanted it, its for those bitches off springs of hers that was too farking lazy to even bother to take photos for their Dad and now too farking embarrassed to ask me for a copy, which they know I would reject flat out to do anything for those lazy selfish arse. I wasnt too happy of course. I was thinking I should have farking deleted all the soft copies and be done with it. My husband commented that I looked as if I was going to murder someone. If muttering curses work, I would really enjoy Xmas.

Anycase, as to be expected of my premonition. My husband told me last nite that they he received an email that his mother had landed herself in hospital. MIND YOU, it was an EMAIL NOT A PHONE CALL. Apparently, the Fat bitch and partner took off to Sydney and left her two kids to my mother in law. She went to pick them up and stepped on a curb, slipped and fractured her ankle, leg whatever. She hobbled home and realised she couldnt move and had to be sent to hospital by ambulance.

So you see, EVERYTIME the FAT BITCH asked her mother for favors, I would be bleeding money on my end. Fat bitch takes off to have fun in the city for couple of days, land her mother in hospital and our side have to fork out money, nevermind the fact that their mother was looking after THEIR KIDS when the accident happened.

What is even more ridiculous? NO ONE, i mean NO ONE bothered to ring their brother about the incident until of course when its $$$ payment time and my mother in law moaning in pain in the public hospital, so they dropped an email, to causally mention the incident and about sending their mum to private hospital. Seriously, what kind of siblings are these? $$ Monsters from hell?

My husband of course complained to me, lamenting why his siblings couldnt even be bothered to call him, and that they are so CHEAP that they dont even want to pay that international call fee. He keep telling them it isnt very expensive. He was upset of course that no one told him about his mum.

I wanted sooooo much to pour oil into the fire about that fat bitch but decided that I really shouldnt since his mum is injured. So I told him "I told you before, your sisters are cheap and selfish. So what do you expect from them? It's not like this is the first time."

Funny how they know how to call asking for Xmas presents etc. But when it comes to family accidents, they didnt think it matters to ring their brother. Arrrrrgggghhhhh I just HATE them so much. How can such selfish people exist????

Well, I hate to say this, good thing I am not back in Australia and neither am I planning to head back this Xmas. I can only see these stupid people once a year and that is already asking alot from me.  I try to be sympathetic to my mother in law but as my friend puts it, their daughters can do no wrong so outsiders like me no matter how indignant or care for them, will never match up to the failings of those fat bitches, so no point getting myself overly involved. Just stay a cordial distance is better for my heart since I will bound to end up have a verbal fight if I continue to see the way they make use of their parents. Let my husband deal with it. It's his family.


BarryO said...

Maybe you need to say "fat bitch" one more time to get it out of your system.

The thought of being on the receiving side of one of your rants makes me tremble like unset jelly.

Shame about the MIL although.

Nomad said...

Hahaha. Nice one Barry, thank you for making me laugh. :0

Yeah..shame about MIL...she just had her arm out of cast and sling after a month and now its her leg. Apparently she heard her knee snapped as she fell..Ouch! Nothing much we can do here... :(