Thursday, September 22, 2011

Compliments to Siemens for such meticulous installer

Most people would bitch and blog about bad service experiences and tend to neglect and give credit to moments where we experience really good service. So for 5 mins of my time today, I decided to give a fair and deserving compliments to Siemens for the purchase of my front loader.

I decided to go with Siemens front loader WM14S496GB after many considerations. Primarily, it was the ONLY company whose customer service (BSH - Bosch/ Siemens) in both Singapore and HK had bothered to reply to my queries, that is if this model I was interested is serviceable with available parts in the event that I relocate. . . Secondly, it was made in Germany and NOT China. I have got my beef with China products. Thirdly, it has a very smooth and good finishing (from the sliding drawers to closing of the door) and had similar features to my old Electrolux except for the additional 90degrees wash.

That said, it still took me 2 weeks of deliberation before I made the plunge. That very night after I had place the order in the afternoon, Siemens's staff called to confirm delivery scheduled for the next morning between 11.30am -1pm.

This morning, the Siemens delivery guys called at 10.30am to confirm delivery at 12pm. To be expected at 12pm, the guys were not here but I was perfectly chilled since I dont expect them to be puntual given normal lunch time peak traffic especially in Causeway Bay where I am located. I was just lounging when my phone rang. Siemens called just to check if the delivery guys had arrived. I said nope but they did say 12pm. The guy on the line explained probably it was traffic delay. It really didnt bother me.

12.30pm, the delivery guys called to apologise for the delay but they will be here in 5mins. Cool. The 2 HK young chaps in their twenties came to inspect the designated placement and explained that they will first remove the old machine. They were extremely careful with all the fixtures and door frames etc. I didnt even have to say a thing.

I had thought they would be the same guys to install the machine, by that I mean unbox the machine, plug in power and water hoses. Yet to my surprise, they told me another certified technician will come to install the machine instead.

In less than 5 mins, a smiley technician came and started to do his work, unwrapping my new household baby. He told me he will be explaining the usage and inspecting the machine. I was thinking to myself, inspect?

I offered him a cold drink and sat on the floor on the other end while he worked his magic. We started chatting. Ok, I always end up chatting with people who come to fix my stuff. I dunno, I just suppose they always have interesting stories to share and it intrigues me.

Patiently, he adjusted the drainage hose to ensure it fitted nicely and it wont risk moving. That was my first observation. I told him not to worry since my previous hose works from just quick insertion. His reply to me was that he rather be careful the first time so that it wont risk leaking water and cause me more problems in the future. After that, he spent the next 10-15mins explaining the different functions and handy tips to care for the machine, answering all my questions.

The best part which I never had anyone done for me before, he set the spin to 1400rpm and waited. He then asked me to touch the machine and asked if I felt any vibration. I said no. He told me that is good because that means that my flooring is flat and in equilibrium, which means the spinning cycle will not be lopsided and the machine will not vibrate. If my flooring had been lopsided (normal for most houses to facilitate water to flow towards the drainage hole while washing the floor), he would have to adjust the machine rubber stand to equalise the height.

I was truly impressed. Seriously! This is the first time I have had anyone done such a detailed and meticulous inspection and installation. I was bowed by such professionalism in HK. At the same time, I was thanking my lucky stars that I had a good contractor who didnt give me a crooked floor! As we talked much, the technician shared more stories which I will leave for another post.

One of the reason why the whole process today impressed me so much is because in Singapore, they normally just plug in the parts and check it spins with water and leave.

On the other extreme end we have Australia, it was a FARKING NITEMARE with NO SERVICE. I still remember how shocked I was when the Ozzie delivery guys wanted to just dump the new washer outside my door and leave, fully expecting me to carry the washer into the laundry room myself. I even had to argue for 10over mins before they will move the machine to the laundry room. They dont even want to unwrap the box for me. Dam Fark. I hate the Sydney service and it still make my blood boil just thinking back even though it's 4 years ago. No service whatsoever in Australia and yet you still pay outrageous prices. Why do people want to migrate to Australia? Yeah sold by the "colors of the land"advert  and "laid back" (i call couldnt be bothered or lack of drive) attitude in job I suppose. Yeah I know we all have different priorities in our lives and some people will flame me for my negative view towards service in Australia but I stand my ground and make no apologies. My year in Sydney Australia had leave a permanent emotional scar and reversed any positive views I had for the city. That is why I left. I couldnt stomach it anymore.  

After the technician left, I was left feeling full of praise for Siemens customer. Now only time will tell if the product has a good shelf life and if the servicing will be equally impressive. I cross my fingers that I wont have to deal with them anytime soon, that is if the machine will work beautifully for the longest possible time. However for now, let me applaud and give credits to the good service I had received today leaving me super happy and high spirited. Perhaps it's just Hong Kong, and with luck I have met the good people who takes their work seriously.

What can I say, I am turning half HK. At this point, I truly wanted to shout "I Love HK!" That's a shame really, because I have never in my life felt the urge to shout "I love SIngapore." How sad.

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