Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New discovery on Pixir Editor

Did I say how much I love my Mac?

However, I did love it only a little less for a couple of months when I was experiencing much angst with some websites that do not support anything else apart from I.E. Such corporate imbeciles.

Besides that, I was pretty annoyed that Mac's version of itune couldnt auto convert    .wav tracks into .mp3 as the PC's version. Throw in the fact that there isnt a proper photo editing tool since I cannot use my Photoshop here, so I just simply stopped blogging for a while since it is such a pain to move from one PC system with PS to another to update one simple blog post.

Then these few days, my love level for my mac went spiking at max again. God Bless Google !

While Google was experimenting around with Mac's version of Chrome, I held off switching my browser alliances considering all the shite remarks I read about the Beta version crashing all the time in June. However, they just launch the solid functional version and I am sooooo happily using it now. Screw Safari. U can R.I.P.'

The even more delightful thing was my discovery of Pixir editing tools! OMG! Why would I shelf out hundreds for CS photoshop again when Pixir is free and does almost as many functions as PS?! So imagine my absolute delight at this accidental realisation! Am I a geek? Does technologies as such making me happy constitutes me a bigger geek?! Yikes!

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