Monday, September 5, 2011

Food for the day

For some reason, my partner really loved my minced prawn steam tofu. So made some for him this week before he flew off to Europe for his business trip.

Bought some new flavour icecream since my friend raved how nice it was.
Errrr...think I will think to my New Zealand icecream or Movenpick.
Haagen Dazs has lost its way, or have I grown too old to appreciate sickly sweet ice cream anymore?

The chocolate fondant new flavour is ok except I really didnt like the ooozing choc sauce in the middle. Thought it tasted nasty and a bit too much for the small cup. Half the load and it will probably taste better for me but nah, in current form doesnt quite do it for me. Sorry mate. Pass the bucket and hand me my good old New Zealand Choc estacsy anytime of the day.

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