Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a money sucking year!!!

This year has absolutely been nothing but a farking money sucking year. I was expecting to bleed my bank account a little being the "taishui year" and both my husband and my birth year had the honor of clashing with the deity..Undeniably, everything seems to be wreaking havoc in our households regardless one chooses to believe in the fortune telling"hocus pocus" or not...

Right after Chinese New Year, it all started with the bloody farking ex-Korean tenant leaving my SG apartment in a mess but got away without consequences because of our farking useless property agent whom we paid quarterly to supervise the condition decided to collect the keys WITHOUT inspection. What kind of irresponsible farkwit agent do not check for damages and expect the landlord to cover all damages?

After months of holding back deposit and arguments, I held my ground and had the agent foot most of the damages bill, though I still had to fork a relatively huge sum to patch up the rest. Sg$6k. Ouch.

Then, my 1 year old Dell PC decided to go AWOL with its video card and motherboard the whole upgrade of the internal bits cost another SG$500 to fix. And since the other spare Dell PC and laptop was dying and uneconomical to fix, so got a new MAC pro 15" as a new toy. SG$4K. Of coz, there will also be no more Dell in my household after my horrid experience with their China based customer service.

After that, my HK living room aircon decided to quit on me after our holiday trip back. Great, just smacked in the middle of summer. Thankfully at least my contractor was a great guy and managed to source a suitable one to replaced it. So including all the installation and erecting of those bamboo racks and fixing up the wall and repainting...there goes another SG$4k+

Our Meridien CD player also decided to pull a quick one. Since its a top end player, and still is, we decided to get it fixed instead of getting a new one. Poof. Another SG$1k (I think). Then BOTH the speakers went mute and silent. I got fed up and decided NOT to fix those two buggers.

What came in line was my electric fan. Suddenly, the Philip fan just decided that it didnt feel like rotating anymore and would cause a huge cranking din whenever it is switched on. We had to get a new fan. Ok this one we were feeling abit luxurious and so poof another Sg$700 gone for a new Dyson fan.

This month, the latest troublemaker, my Electrolux washer decided to go on strike with its sensor board and since its birth place was Italy and I purchased it in Oz, there were no available parts in HK and so I had to source for a new frontloader. Today..shelved out another HK7600 = SG 1250++ . Taught me an important lesson, next frontloader I buy, have to goggle and check they have similar model in Singapore in case I ever relocate back. Not that I am that keen to return to Singapore since I am quite comfy and happy in HK, yet with life, one never knows....

Then recently, we realised our Simons King mattress was sinking. Again another crap bought in Australia. Is there a reason why nothing we bought in Australia last us through the normal cycle years? They are more expensive and yet they go the quickest. Yep the memory foam decided it has enough of our weight. I decided not to go for Simmons this time round priced at HK$37K and WITHOUT customisation in size. So I decided to try out King Koil Latex instead, with customisation to Oz size of 6ft by 6.8ft instead of the usual 6.6ft. There goes another HK24k. = SG4k.

You would think what else can go wrong right?  Well, my SG property agent just told me my SG master room aircon is faulty again leaking water internally and need replacement. Well, we did choose to replace it since our new tenant seemed like an honest good bloke and having experienced nasty landlord, I vowed never to be one. Estimate another SG3k down the drain. Cost yet to be in actually.

Seriously!!! Seriously!!!
How much more money need to flow out of my bank?!!!
I dont even dare to tabulate my total cost for the year that has been leaking slowly but surely out of our account.

I think need to relook at my rabbit year horror scope again!! Meanwhile, top up the vodka. I need something to numb my mathematical aspect of my brain.


Anonymous said...

Your post made my day. Thanks.
Better luck next year.

Nomad said...

LOL! Glad my financial misery at least made your day:) Yeah definitely have to pray for better luck next lunar year!