Sunday, September 18, 2011

A very weird HK woman during my front loader hunt @ Sogo

Some HK people are just so...I dunno how to put it, but bluntly put are a bunch of "show off hate to lose" people.

I went to Sogo yesterday, looking for front loader replacement options. There was already a HK couple aged about 50plus and there was only one sales staff serving the washer area. It didnt matter since I like to see my options first without anyone trying to lay the sales pitch on me.

However, the 3 of them were standing exactly in front of the very 2 Siemens machines I wanted to compare and they were like chatting on and on for almost 5 mins. Listening to their conversation, it wasnt even questions about the machines but more like the HK old woman asking "if she should buy the 2-in-1 washer dryer or washer." The sales gal told her she cannot advice her as it is really personal preference but the old woman was going to and fro over the same question like a donkey cow.

So I politely interrupted and excused for a chance to inspect the 2 machines up close. The sales gal moved away and doing her best to try to answer machine unrelated questions to the old HK woman.

There were only 2 models I was looking at. Siemens WM14S496GB (8kg, 60.3L, 269W)  verus vsWM12E462HK (7kg, 50L, 269W). No idea why in Singapore they market under the Bosch umbrella but in HK, they are happy to stick to Siemens branding.

I was comparing the water usage and electric usage between the 7kg and 8kg machine when the sales gal finally walked over to assist. I started to ask her some machine related questions and the super nosy HK woman walked over to keep interrupting and hijacking the salesgal with her list of questions such as "So isnt the washer+dryer going to consume more energy? So do I really need to buy the 2-in-1"

Helllo stupid, the salesgal already told you that its your personal choice and if you see a need to dry your towels and sheets. I have already heard her repeat this answer to the old woman 5 times in the span of 15mins I was there. To me, you already had the salesgal for good 15mins, comeon and be more gracious and let other customers like me have 5 mins with the sales gal ok?

I think the salesgal had enough of the old woman and focused back on me, answering my questions on machine specs such as "if there is a seperate rinse/spin function", "Can I open the door immediately or I have to wait?" "Can I pause the machine to add in clothes I had missed out." "Does this have dispensor drawer cleaning function etc." You know, all machines related questions.

The old woman was hovering behind us these whole time. I have nothing against sharing information but I do get annoyed when she keep interrupting with irrelevant statements and worse opinions. I was mulling over 7 or 8kg. I told the sales I do washing daily, twice a day sorting out coloured vs whites or by fabrics materials such as those that will shed cotton lints. Before the sales can reply, the HK woman said loudly "You should buy 7KG lah if you wash your clothes daily!" Errr...I wasnt asking you? The funniest thing was she was SOOOOOO insistent I should listen to her. I wanted to tell her "Auntie, I prob done more washer research than you ever did, and know more about washer functions than you do!"

Instead, I just ignored her and quietly think to myself. Seeing no response, the old woman asked the sales "You know I have very sensitive skin, so I need a machine with anti bac. This one must have one to solve my sensitive skin you know."

My back was facing the old lady then and I tried not to roll my eyes. Sensitive skin? Ah harlow..Go freaking CHANGE your washing detergent!! Do you even know what u are asking?

The salesgal either didnt know her stuff or was just keen to close the deal told her "Oh yes yes we have the anti bac mode here for you."

I asked the sales "How long would be a normal cycle." The sales said "1hour."
I was surprised because its much shorter than my 1.51hr for my electrolux but the Old HK woman behind me Shrieked "What?! SOOOOOOooo long?!!!"

The sales woman told the old woman, "Yes 1 hour is already considered the shortest time for front loader." I nodded my head in agreeement. I replied "some even take over 2 hours. The salesgal commented offhandedly "Yes, see this customer is used to using European brand front loader so she will know the facts. She has used Electrolux so she knows what I am saying is the truth"

The old HK woman was offended somehow and she snapped "What?! I am also Electrolux user! I have used EUROPEAN brand washer for YEeeeeears! (yes she did placed emphasis on european and years) I also have front loader and I used it ALLLLL the time. Of course I know it takes that long!"

I was trying not to roll by eyes. What is her problem? First she exclaimed such disbelief over the long washing time which obviously means she is a top loader user for years, but now she is claiming otherwise? Ok, by trying so hard not to sound stupid, she already is sounding stupid.

I just ignored her and walked over to the other Siemens8kg  machine which is made in Germany vs the 7kg made in Thailand. However, that would be HK$2000 price difference. Apart from more advanced functions and better made quality from the drawers, doors, and finishing, it's just a machine that has a better feel to it for the germany made ones.

Seeing I was looking at the 8kg, the old HK woman also followed me over. What is her problem?
She then hogged the sales again asking again "So should I buy the one with dryer?" GOD HOW MANY TIMES YOU NEED THE ASK THE SAME QUESTION REPEATEDLY OLD WOMAN?!!!!

Again the sales replied "It really depends on your needs."

There is a reason I cannot be sales person. I cannot handle repeated questioning of stupid questions.

While inspecting the machine, I was opened the front cover for the filter. I always knew there was a tube and the knob but never quite knew what the tube was for. The sales gal explained to me. I was joking that I had my electrolux for years and I never knew what the darn tube was for. The old woman interrupted our laughters and said "The tube is there for the dirt you dont know?"!

I laughed openly, at her stupidity this time. God, what is wrong with her? She keep trying to look as if she knew more than me when half the time I wasnt even competing with her. The salesgal had to explain to her the tube purpose.

When I was testing the Siemens, I realise the Cotton mode actually takes much longer than my Electolux model. I thought mine at 1.56 was long, the Siemens model takes 2.45hr for a full cycle!! OMG!!! The sales told me she will recommend to use the Quick wash function to shorten time. I told her I wont because it simply means they will reduce one rinse cycle. That is an open fact but the sales gal was trying to convince me not, except the wash cycle is shorter. I didnt want to contradict her openly.

I went on to enquire about the textile guard function and she was saying its for special clothes such as linen and silk etc. I found her explanation fishy. I went back home and checked the Siemens guide, duh woman, the function is for special garments dry clean clothes that may allow washing, or those Gotex stuff....

All in all a very "interesting" day. The HK woman was the highlight of my shopping experience. Why she wanted to pretend to use something she never had remains a mystery and why she felt compelled to "better" herself against me is even a bigger mystery.

Well, I guess there are all sort of weirdos in this world.


Anonymous said...

Miele is far better than Electrolux and Siemens.

Nomad said...

I used to think Miele was exceptional too till my Miele dishwasher started having problems within a year. After i googled and did more research, it means that the "far better" is more a perception than proven fact. Alot of people in recent years have been complaining about Miele products breaking down with short lifespan (by that we meant not exceeding more than its competitors at much lower price)

If I had not have my bad experience with Miele, I would have been skeptical.

My other Electrolux is running in its 7 year and so far so good. I figure to pay over HK$10K for a miele, and after warranty where the parts is half the price of the machine, it made more sense to get a cheaper mid range washer so that I can replace it with a newer machine ;p heee heee..