Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Handcrafted Pottery and Ornaments

Went roaming the Pacific Place Mall @ Admiralty with a girlfriend.

She had wanted to shop for "wedding" gift for her brother in law's upcoming wedding. She had originally intended to get Hermes designer plates and quite frankly for those prices, nothing really had us go "wahhhhh". So why bother right? Just because you have the budget doesnt mean you have to be stupid. Brand name may equate "Luxury" but it doesnt translate to appealing aesthetic design automatically.

Out of options, she asked me what I would have gotten, I told her how about Home Furnishing? I shared that my highschool galfriends pooled to get me a Kartell Table Lamp and flew it into Australia for my wedding and I had loved it years on.

Not that I dont appreciate the cash packets, but personally a well-meaning present is definitely more enduring and endearing. My principle to wedding is simple. If I need your money to have a wedding reception, then I jolly wont bother with one. Why go through all the stress of "$$" counting in the back scene if you can barely afford it or lament days after whether you made a profit or a loss? I dont get that Chinese aspect and attitude to wedding receptions.

That said, with Home furnishing in mind, that was why we ended up at the Land Crawford Lifestyle (Designer) boutique at PP.

I dont know if it's a Taiwanese conservative culture or just my Taiwanese galfren, she was very against getting designer bedsheets. She thought it was too "intimate".

Really? I thought "intimate" is reserved for lingerie and sleeping gowns. If it's those 3000 thread-count Egyptian sheets and with beautiful designers that I was eyeing on but never bought because of the mattress size difference, give it to me anytime man. Who cares if its initimate! I would accept it with all my pleasure with a wide grin reaching from Mars to Moon. Anycase, she's the buyer and I'm the shopper's help for the day.

She saw a couple of things there but was still sitting on the fence. Me on the other hand was going amok in the store. I saw a couple of things and my hands were like lovingly caressing them like precious babies. It was a couple of pottery and a vase. My galfren thought the teapot pottery was really "my kind of thing and style".

One week later, I bundled my partner into a cab and headed down the store to get his opinion.

There were like 3 pots. We both like the black one but while I was partial to the short stumpy beige one, he was more into the taller white one. In the end, we got the trio as a set since we couldnt decide. and plus in the words of my CFO, "they weren't too expensive anyway." and errr..that's like HK1200 each pot but who's complaining? Not me.

In fact, he threw in an additional handmade plate with a cat design. CAT? Yeah i know it's odd for dog lovers like us but it was a "cute cat in the universe" afterall. Ha! So it is, as of now, the kitty dish has been designated as a "fruit plate" instead.

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