Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Acquisition: Yeah! My Dyson Fan has finally arrived after 3 months wait!

Finally! My damn Dyson Fan finally arrived after 3 months wait!

I didnt know that Singapore didnt have to wait at all but in HK, everywhere I asked, it was like sorry there is a line of 3months.

After much deliberation, we decided to stuff it and go with it. I admit, it was the aesthetic look that did it for me since it really isnt very powerful! If you want strong gust of wind blowing at you, then you are probably better off getting one of those panasonic or TDK steel blade motor fan.

Easy Assembly in 3 pieces.
Comes with a magnetic remote. Cool.
Doesnt have a very far reach and sometimes because of the absence of blade, one can forget to turn off the fan but unless u are deaf to the sound.

All in all, a good fan for close distance wind blowing at your face that doesnt irritate!

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