Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Acquisition: a-Jays Three ear piece

My 2nd Sony ear piece died on me shortly just after a year, well one side of it at least. It probably had enough of those "rapid descent and hit the floor "incidents. The first one had lasted me much longer but it had suffered a pre-matured death after my mum washed my jeans coz I had forgotten to take the ear piece out of the pocket after my flight. It was also another of those "died on one side" experience.

I didnt see the same model anymore and the available ones werent really to my liking. Dont under estimate the significance of an ear piece, it does make a difference to the listening pleasure depending on the genre. As heaven willed it, while shopping for groceries at Time Square, they were having a roadshow for headset and earphones. Cool!

I would have like a T-Jay but they dont carry it. One of my friend said he will look out for it but for now, like a sucker, I shelf out HK350 for this A-Jays earpiece that comes with a earpiece splitter, as well as an in flight earphone adaptor, for those of us who dont like to use the inflight headset that often catches my hair.


While the detangling feature works like a charm, and so does the clarity of the bass and tunes live up to its almost perfect 5 star review. The only thing that bugs me a little is the comfort fit. Is it my ear canal? I cannot seem to find the right fit for my left ear though the right side fit pretty snug. I have to resort to different sleeve size to accomodate my odd ear shape. Didnt have this happening for the last decade with Sony or Apple earpiece. Strange huh.

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