Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yummy imported Goodies from Lovely couple

My lovely friends popped over to HK for their grandmother's birthday. While i had already caught up with the lovely couple back in Singapore, but my partner hasnt. So we found a free time slot and took our favorite people and their mum out for lunch at China Club.

With them was this huge chiller box. My dear fren who manages her own F&B biz knew how much I love the Australian mango chutney and brought me bottles of it since I couldnt get any here in HK. I didnt like the spiced ones available here in supermarket which is for Indian cooking. More surprises when she brought along fresh mozzarella cheese freshly flown in from Italy. Damn I love my friends.

After lunch, it was spent walking and chatting. Ended up in this Chinese contemporary art store where their mum was looking at some expensive chinese vases. Ok, they are into this chinese art thing which is really not my scene but still it was interesting to tag along to look-see-look-see. Some ugly vases were fetching Sg$18K. I cannot wrap round my head why anyone would buy this shit except its done by "master grade A" artist in China. There was one or two pieces that i do like but Eric told me the gastronomical price and I shuddered. I think the money will be much better spent on their new house reconstruction.

So came Saturday and my partner made lovely ham and cheese sandwich for brunch with the new goodies! Yummy!!!

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