Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dinner at Green Willow, again (HK)

I decided not to cook tonight since my husband had to fly off tomorrow morning. Save us the hassle of cleaning up and washing after "din-din". So I booked the Green Willow instead for dinner since he dint get to try the Pork Belly the last time. As such, I had the good luck of eating the tantalising pork belly again... with pictures to tempt you.

I tried 2 new items
tonight. The sliced fish tonight. The fish was rather fresh too and tender. It was good and healthy! My best choice was the Spring Onion noodles (葱油面). It was soooo good! I havent had Onion noodles for a year now and this place does it really really well with the sauce. I am truly impressed! I didnt have a chance to take a picture coz i was so hungry that the noodles was gone in a flash.

I had the window seat tonight, not that I can see much with so much light reflection. When it came to the time for the bill, my uncanny instinct got me to check the bill before my husband sign off without looking as usual. I typically do not check either.

Regardless which country I go to, everytime when I initiate to check the bill, I would most certainly always find items charged which shouldnt be. So the first time, I had to ask them to cancel the charge of HK$15 for pickles which I had not consumed.

The second time when she returned with the bill, as my husband was signing. I oddly decided to LOOK at the itemised bill again. As I rightly should, I discovered they charged for me for 2 pots of tea and hot water. She asked if I had any hot water, I said no. I only had a glass of soya beancurd which was already in the bill. Hence once again, I had to ask them to remove the additional cost of for both. In total, I just saved my husband ~HK$50.

The lady was extremely apologetic and when I apologised for the hassle (as I didnt check thru everything the first time). She reassured me I have nothing to worry about as the serving staff should have marked the necessary in the billing system in the first place. She was rather afriad that I would misunderstand the genuine mistake as a "secret" plot to rip customers off. I trusted it wasnt so.

While I was waiting for the lift, I looked for the fire escape and I saw the door to the stairs. The caucasian old man and the rest of us must have missed it the other night as the whole area was so packed with people... I hope he doesnt return to his own country and spread false information about a "non existent" problem about HK buildings without double checking again.

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