Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dinner at Wu Kong (HK- Times Square)

One good thing about coming back to HK, apart from better service and CONVENIENCE, it is meeting up with old friends and people I had worked with.

My friend arranged a dinner appointment and we girls headed to this new shanghai restaurant in Times Square which wasnt there during the time I was working in the building.

We went to Wu Kong ( on the 13th floor.

The ambience was cool and nice, though serving of food was abit slow compared to typical standard. The place wasnt even 90% full, at most 60% from a glance. Yet after initial cold dish, we waited over 20mins for the next fried shrimp dish.. luckily we were so busy chatting that we didnt mind that much.

As there was 3 of us, we opted for the 2 people set meal and ordered an additonal sweet and sour pork. So we had a plate of cold dish assortment, soup, shrimps and weird mandarin with glutinous rice balls as dessert. Apart from the odd dessert which the 3 of us (Hk, SG and Taiwanes) didnt like, the rest of the meal was pretty alright for a first impression. Still I would have prefered the meal to be served faster....

We had a private booth at the side so there was much privacy. Service was average, food was above average though I havent tried enough variety to give it a fair judge. Still, its a relatively nice place to "hang out" if you want to eat and chat without being hassled to leave.

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