Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy dessert in Yee Shun

Anyone who is having this feeling that I have been eating alot more since I returned, you have rightly guess so. Yet, I have actually lost weight since I returned...sigh long story.

Green Willow doesnt have a good dessert list (as typical shanghai restuarant wont have). So instead, I sneaked the idea into my husband's head of chinese dessert. I happened to firm the other location in the afternoon it was still there after my husband had said the other one he knew in causeway bay had closed.

So we happily went to Yee Shun to have his favorite "Steamed Milk Custard -Dan Dan (双皮敦牛奶)" , while I feasted on my coconut milk with papaya drink. Fattening but I soooo missed my papaya milk drink. I couldnt get this in Sydney either!!!

I used to have this almost every chance if its good fruit stall which doesnt dilute the drink. My husband doesnt like papaya. Strange. Such a cheap and sweet healthy fruit...Its something I would eat but wont bother to blend as a drink myself.

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