Thursday, September 25, 2008

Music: Nostalgic Pangs

While I was in Sydney, I came across some of my old times favourites when I was in high school. Every song has an attached memory, a lingering scent. Things was almost as clear as it was back then...

those soothing melodies brought on a sense of longing. A wish to return to those simple good times. Music has a way of touching people, transporting one back through the passage of time, bringing to mind people that have faded away. I dun know how many people rem them, but if you do, i hope they brought back good memories for u as well.

Song 1: Hands to heaven (dwnload)
Back in convent where each class take turns to prepare our morning mass session, if it wasnt the fav tune from chicago or songs from david foster, the next hottest pick has got to be hands to heaven. All the girls in our blue pinafold huddled together, arms across the shoulders, and singing away without a care.

Song 2: And when she danced (dwnload)
This song brought on memories of my college best friend. We used to take those long bus rides, sharing a ear plug and softly singing to the song. Our laughters, our fights, our secrets, our giggles, our heartaches. Friendship was such a simple affair back then. Love was such a simple uncomplicated uncynical emotion back then.

song 3: Ocean Deep (dwnload)
This is one of the earliest song that was introduced by my aunt from states at the age of 11 when she was staying at our place. I dun think i truly understood the full meaning of the song back then, till I was much older. She told me it was one of the best love song in the world. While the song remains deep in my head, I will never have a chance to get to sit back and relax with my aunt reminiscing about this song again.

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