Friday, September 5, 2008

Movie: REC

When we woke, it started to drizzle on Friday morning. Such a damper....So we changed from beach to movies.

I did a little movie review and discovered that "REC" had strangely received high reviews. As much as 93% approval rate from Rotten Tomatoes! Even comments from You tube were relatively favorable for this foreign Spanish film. Much that it is very rare for me to initiate watching a suspense/ thriller/ horror after being scared to death by "The Ring (J)", we decided to bravely forge ahead with the option at APM cinema.

The movie started off gently with the reporter Angela setting off with the videoman Paoblo interviewing the firestation people. It was a little lighthearted. The minute the movie progressed to the call received about an old lady possibly fallen in a building, the heart pumping adrenaline also progressed in proportionate magnitude. The pace was very tight and good. The feelings of frustration, anger, panic and hysteria by the actors and actress were realistic and captivating. Much that you can possibly guess the fishy part towards 1/2 waythru of the movie, yet it is so well scripted and filmed that you didnt have much time to ponder about the possibilities. It is one of the rare "horror" movie that is really good and raise your heartbeat in a flash and takes a while to come down!

Some people compared it to the Blair witch project and Cloverfield sort of video filming, but I think this is done much better with a better cast. Beware that there are quite a bit of blood and gore at the start, not out to grab attention but i think more of necessity of the plot. The storyline leaves u in suspense and alittle gripping, as if u are with them feeling every minute of rising helplessness and kicking in of survival instinct.

The film ended in 80mins, and it left the 3 of us blinking away, still trying to catch our breathe!! We needed to sit in the foodcourt to discuss about the film for about 10mind to settle down our feeling. Of course there were a little details that was fuzzy to us as we were like watching the movie from the gaps between our fingers...and trying to deduce what could be a plausible answer to the ending.

It is a highly charged film which is not something to watch on an idle weekend, nor a vcd that I would buy. However, it is regardless, a good flick to enjoy and leaving you a little jolted.

It isnt scary. It isnt inane mad senseless violence. It is a little gruesome at some parts. It is just plain good. You either loved it or hate it, but hating it would probably leave u in the minority.

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