Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner@ L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (HK)

While a terribly careless me completely forgotten about our wedding anniversary, it was fortunate that at least one of us remembered. For once my renowned "Elephant memory" failed me.....so much for engraving the date on the wedding band. Alot of good it did me.... sigh

Anycase, we had a wonderful fine dining dinner at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon @ Landmark (Add: Shop 401, 4/F, The Landmark, Central, Tel: +(852) 2166 9000)

The place has received pretty mixed reviews. Personally, I do think its a little on the steeper end in terms of value for money but I enjoyed every dish ordered which is what mattered when u are out for a good time.

The decor is hip, chic and urbane looking. The reception is dimly lit to create that romantic feel. To head to the table seats, you will be led past the counter bar seats which allow you to view the chef cooking (which is a pretty waste of time for me, since i prefer to be looking at the company I am with). The table had a really nice setting. I love the plates and the napkins and the whole setting. if only the HK chap next to us divided by a wall wasnt talking that loud in horrible english.

We both had lobsters for starters. Stick to the lobster bisque if I am you. It is flavoursome, tender sweet meat and a relative sizeable portion that allows you to be a little "selfless" to swop some with your dining partner and still have enough remaining to satisfy your own palette.

The waiter recommended Lobster Celero which is is a cold dish with cream base. I think the cream base is a slight miss as it abit bland and doesnt enhance the seafood flavour. A pity. And the little teeny-weeny digs of fruits round the circumference barely was enough weightage to compliment the dish.

The main was a good 20mins wait, but alright since we aint rushing anywhere. My husband had the lamb while I went for the duck with foie gras.

Ok, while i have to say both main dishes were supremely excellent and divine, I must say the portion was a little smaller than expected. There was only 2 slices of duck, accompanied by 2 equal sizes of steamed foie gras. Hmmm... not exactly most satisfying quantity because it was really good and leaves you craving for more.

The lamb was also a little small in size, as well in quantity of 3. But the meat was so succulent and juicy, and you wont be able to tell it was even lamb! Tasted more like sweet soft pork really.

The bread accompany was really good. freshly baked, small snack size and i loved the herb cheese one! Yummy! The dessert was average. Souffle was done perfectly but somehow, I felt something was missing or it could be better.

As we left the restaurant, we were surprised with a "bag of gift." Turned out it was half loaf of bread. I tried it today after 2 days, I have to say the bread is soft and really good.

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