Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fashionable Luxury

Over the years of conditioning by marketing strategies, worldwide consumers alike are so into logo obsessions, which in my humble opinion is so totally blown out of proportion. These people have a vague perception of luxury goods, making a beeline to purchase something with a flashy logo or loud high-profile monogramming. I am not even sure what is their intention anymore. To be perceived as having good taste, or wanting to be perceived as rich? I just don't get it. Because they are neither.

After all, those who can afford genuine luxury goods without batting an eye are usually so acclimated to that lifestyle that, well, they don't need to scream it.
I have always loved products without logos since I was young. Which was one of the reason I loved the simple clean look of Muji products and clothings when they first launched in Singapore Isetan (before they failed and retreated from Singapore for a while). It is just sooo tacky to be wearing or carrying something blatently loud and ostentious. If it has to be monogramm, I prefer it to be something that is rarely remake in the pirated market at a fraction of the original price.

I love premium product, not for its brand, but rather for its make. Even if I cannot afford it, I still would appreciate it from an artistic point of view. Just like BV, a anti-bling, anti logo luxury brand. I so loved their products even though I wouldnt pay a ridiculous amount of money for it. I would though if i print money. I love their leather desk and their soft bags. I even loveTomas Maier's lovely fashionable yet completely wearable and functional dresses. I just so love his understated style. What 's there not to love?!! I just want to swoon over the website pictures over and over again..... how nice it is to be rich... haa haa

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