Friday, September 5, 2008

Yummy Jap Dinner at Nagoyaka Tei (HK-apm)

After the movie and loittering around to work up an appetite, we headed off to this highly recommended Japanese restaurant within apm mall.

It was Nagoyaka tei, where reservations are not accepted. First come first served basis. We were starving by the time we sat in the booth. The sushi were so fresh!!!! We couldnt stop ordering!

We started with the broiled scallops with XO bits... SOOOO GOOD! Soooo brillant! The fried Oysters were so sweet and piping hot within that steam was still rising from my mouth as i was chewing the oyster! We had the broiled salmon, tempura wrapped with seaweed, and the fried whole prawn with cheese topping mixed with roe, hairy crab miso soup...Oh soooo yummy!

Em had a fresh sweet prawn and it was prawn head licking good!
In between, I was taking a shot at the flamming process and the guy was so amused. He wanted to hide but he coudlnt and so he grinned away. He started laughing when we said "See you in You tube!"

The restuarant had moments of special. It was very fun and interesting. There will have unknown unexpected specials that they will annouce thru the mic, limited servings for the fastest customers buzzing the button. The guy was joking with us "why didnt youo support my annoucement!" haaaa

We were sooo full that we didnt have any more room for desserts!

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