Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Bloody Rotten" HK house...

I have a string of things to complain about my blardi HK landlord('s wife) and their stupid house which we rented.

The list of defects I had to fix was ridiculously time consuming and the stingy calculative landlord wife want to scrimped and save on every possible thing. She couldnt take it when I gave her a super hard time. The more she tried to avoid fixing, the longer list I gave her since I absolutely refuse to take even a penny out of my wallet for people like her. Thankfully I have a good agent for me to turn to and assist me through these frustrating tough times.

And my friends wonder what I have been busy about the last 3 weeks since I moved here. Apart from grief from PCCW, they couldnt understand what could possibly be keeping me awake at 9am and dead tired by 12am. I didnt even have time to meet any old friends until this week, and not all the problems are solved yet.

Since I moved in, I have discovered the list of problems
1. Doorbell doesnt work
2. Faulty rubber seal for glass shower door resulting in floor flooding everytime we shower
3. broken shelves in kitchen and bedroom cabinets.
4. fallen off sliding glass door panel after first day.
5. busted stove exhaust fan with broken light lamp after a week.
6. fking dirty oven that emits tearing smoke and smell, with missing button
and temp indicator!
7. faulty intercom
8. faulty kitchen tap
9. fault electrical switch point resulting in full power trip
10. faulty guest toilet bowl flush that water could never stop leaking
11. funny stale smell in guest toilet
12. faulty electrical point in study room
13. fucking lousy carpeting in rooms with hidden nails sticking out along the edges pricking my bare feet like booby trap
14. broken aircon internal flap and cannot rotate in study room
15. stove fire starter problem
16. gas stove fire dies off when oven is turned on
17. faulty shower head in maid toilet.
18. filthy, dusty torn faulty dryer ventilation tube
19. missing curtains in living room
20. BLOODY ROACHES of all shapes and sizes challenging me every night in the kitchen!!! (despite lack of food or garbage)

I have learnt one thing about house renting. A picture / video speaks a thousand words. So rather than describing and arguing about this and that, I video and snap every single defect to demand followup and prove my point as evidence in event it escalates. Everything was a pre-existing faulty condition, I am so not fking stupid to fix it for these people. I am no idiot.

(smoke from freaking dirty greasy oven)

(busted rubber seal)

(torn dusty dryer tube)

(roach attacks and war)

(Story To be continued.....)


BarryO said...

Seems like it was only a few months ago some other HK blogger was having the same landlord problems. Got a few of those, still needing, repairs myself Luckily only 1 roach in 2 years, I hope it was a stray.

"me-no-mad" said...

lucky you! at least u do not have to worry about infestations!!

i have no roaches problem even in my last rented unit in HK. This was the FIRST time, problems magnified by the landlord wife who is a lawyer and so she thinks she can outwit everyone.... biatch. She thought that singaporeans are stupid (based on their perceptions that we are so law apathetic in our own country) and she can stiff us to the max. Yeah i read in geo expat forum about roaches problems and landlord problem too so i gather their experience to fight my "war"!