Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recipe: My pan fried spare ribs version

What happen when your oven is not working and you need to cook your ribs?

I didnt feel like braising my pork ribs and so I decided to do what my mum did - pan fried them with minimal olive oil. So I experimented a new cooking style at the last minute adapted from my mum's usual "dish served" which I have no clue of her recipe. Haa haaa.

Surprisingly, it turned out really yummy and my picky husband actually liked it.

Simple Steps

1. First, I marinated cook them in 20mins in boiling hot water to rid whatever filth it might have since its chilled from previously frozen. The ribs should be 80% cook.

2. Then I marinated them with few pinches of salt, Dark soya sauce, honey, pinch of sugar, dash of pepper and Hoi Sin sauce (海鲜浆), a teaspoon of olive oil..

3. I let it sit in the fridge for over 3 hours, covered.

4. Heat a midsize pan, a little oil, and put the individual ribs to pan fry. Have a lid standby to cover the pan to avoid the splattering oil from messy your stove tabletop and accidentally landing on you.

5. As you tossed it from one side to another, add some more hoixin and approperiate amount of honey to the ribs so that it sticks on the rib to given added flavour. Moderate the honey as you do not want it to be overly sweet. Since the ribs are already precook (hence no germs ideally), you can just taste the sauce off the pan using a spoon or whatever to adjust more salt or more honey.

6. Reason I cook the ribs in advance is to avoid taking overly long time to panfried, else it may burnt the ribs due to the honey and sauce coating. The final product should have a slight cripsy sauce stuck on the rib surface, but not burnt.

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