Friday, September 11, 2009

BURT'S BEE - Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme Review

Are you one of those guilty people who walk around in sandals and flip-flops, unknowingly inviting unwanted stares at your dry cracked heels...if you are suddenly looking down at your heel and gasping in horror now, well here is one quick tube of feet lotion to carry around with u.

Not many cream will entice me to buy them because i find them too greasy. One of the reason I read up on burt bee was the fact that it is mainly natural without harsh chemicals. I decided on leap of faith to try this product as it felt pretty non greasy during finger test while i was shopping at watsons at causeway bay.

Try BURT'S BEE - Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme, which is 99percent natural [accordingly to the ingredient list]


True to the finger test, the creme is neither heavy nor overly creamy thus non-greasy. However, it tends to take a long while to be absorbed else u will be leaving your "cream" foot prints all over the floor if u dont let it dry out.
Being a foot emoillent, it will naturally be richer than body lotion as the skin on our feet are thicker. It has a plesant coconut kind of smell rather than honey to me. Still, your feet feels smooth instantly and the minor cracks and dry patches are visibly smoothed...and to those who hates greasy hands, this positively doesnt leave your hands feeling icky after application. Instead, it is also kinda absorbed into the hands i suppose. 2 way benefits.. ha.
Then again, if you are like me who at times absolutely doesnt want to use my hands, i would suggest you squeeze the creme onto the sole of your feet directly, and then clap both feet and rub them together as if they are hands...

The najor complaint i have is that the creme is not easily squeezed out from the tube, but i assume it is rather due to tube opening design rather than anything else to fault with.

I dont have serious cracked heels so I am not sure if it makes greater difference. My advice is still to make sure u scrub your feet with pumice feet scrub [ from muji or body shop are great buys] daily during shower before applying teh feet creme for maximum effect.

Product ClaimThis foot cream is loaded with some of nature’s most therapeutic ingredients to soften and moisturize rough, dry feet. Bilberry extract, a natural alpha hydroxy acid, gently exfoliates skin and helps prevent the formation of calluses while honey and quickly-absorbing jojoba butter, replenish moisture leaving feet smooth and healthy.

Featured Ingredient
Honey — This sweet, fragrant, syrupy substance produced by bees soothes and adds softness to the skin, and is an excellent natural moisturizer.

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