Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DELL [HK] is useless and i hate their service

After coming back from TAIPEI, my days are crammed pack back to back.

So I was truly annoyed with the crappy service from Dell. Their service has hit rock bottom SINCE 2006 and CURRENTLY, they are totally, utterly unacceptable, deplorable and disgraceful. Whatever happened to MICHEAL DELL's biz model in HK has apparently been chucked out of the window and now leaving me as their customer disgustingly pissed off.

Not only did they fail to inform their customer about zero inventory for the monitor, they even lie about expected date of delivery, and when quizzed, acted nochalant and replied they have no idea how long it will take for the monitor to be shipped. All these lying just to secure an order, DELL, YOUR HK STAFF ARE SHITTY. Go fire them all including the managers and hire new people who appreciate their jobs more.

To top it off, the staff / our account exec is so incompetent that she not only mess up our orders, she didnt even relay the correct mobile contact to the delivery guys such that we couldnt synchronise a proper delivery date when the monitor was ready. She took off for her annual leave without proper handover, and the delivery guys made me wait from 6pm -10pm without appearing. Then without warning, the delivery guy appeared at my doorsteps unscheduled, expecting me to hang ard to accept delivery, thus making me late for my class. I was truly annoyed and the whole unpleasant experience with DELL ruin my day.

This is possibily the last time i will purchase any more desktop from DELL [HK]. i didnt even want to buy from them in the first place but my husband insisted, thinking it is the most hassle free. DELL [HK] IS NOT HASSLE FREE, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT NITWITS.

So if you have a choice, dont ever buy anything from Dell. THEIR SERVICE IS ATROCIOUS,
because they outsource everything, and i mean EVERYTHING to different 3rd parties. The software, the monitors, the pc all comes in different pieces, different dates, without coordination. The staff are rude and also very very very very unprofessional and non service oriented.

DELL deserve to slump and wind up for good if this is the way they continue to run their business in hong kong. They absolutely deserve to fail.


WhiteDuskRed said...

If you call them from HK, most likely your call will be routed to somewhere in Xiamen. They don't know what they are doing over there... in fact I think they don't even know what they are supposed to do over there! Experience from work...

"Just Me" said...

I have been calling the sales girl which is HK staff. They couldnt fucking speak a word of english even if they offer press 2 for english.

It is a terribly horrifying ordeal. Not to mention time consuming. If i have a knife to slash them apart, I would glady and ut them to million pieces. I know i cannot expect only smart people to exist in this work, but this company burecracy is way over the top

WhiteDuskRed said...

Oh yeah... now I remember why my cantonese became so good! I can't for ale's sake use English at work, play or get food!

Yellowchilli said...

their cuztomer service was pretty good
but failed miserably in technical service.
ive had a machine going back and forth with recurring issues and now my warranty has just expired, id have to pay to fix an old issue that they apparently fixed only a month or so ago