Tuesday, September 15, 2009

taipei trip hot spring research

wanted to plan for hotspring in my taipei trip. decided to head to yang ming shan this time instead of peitou. the last time i went to spring resort with my mum. it was ok but i felt alittle steep for a small room with no view.

i personally thought spring resort at wulai was so much better...come to think of it, i felt a little bad that my mum didnt get a even better experience than what she could [since that was her first experience] have coz i didnt have any time to do any research straight after being back from my jap trip... i made up my mind i must bring her there again and plan it much better for her since she liked taiwan. the more i think about it...damn, the more guilty i am feeling now.

this time, while armed with good info from my gf since her hubby is taiwanese... i also did my own research. after a few days of googling, i found a pretty good website - taiwan spa that list all the hotspa in taiwan. this is good because it saves me pretty much a lot of hassle wondering where and what are available. and the best, it is catergorised by the region like yangmingshan, peitou, jinshan etc... some are rated some are not but to me, i just need the name reference and location map to jumpstart.

for my own future reference, this is a pretty good overview link as well. it comes with weather forecast by region, and scenic spot highlights. its good for someone who is clueless i suppose.

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