Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buzzer beat special - buzzer beat 11 summary

buzzer beat episode 11 summary

The starting is a recap basically of last week's parting between naoki and riko.
Before riko set off, she terminated her mobile line without informing naoki either. She told mai that she wants to concentrate on her music when mai asked her if it was really ok. Meanwhile, naoki heard about riko's coming departure [the next day] from shuji and tried to call her mobile but heard the disconnected message instead. naoki felt a little lost....

meanwhile at the bookstore, riko finished her last day of service. As she was thanking her boss, he wished her all the best for her violin. just then, a lady appeared asking about some books and boss excused himself to get it. Mai was telling the lady could be their boss's 2nd wife to riko and stopped when she saw the lady looking at them.

The lady recognised riko as the girl who had previously played a mini concert at the mall. The bookstore appeared and asked what is it and naoki sister explained that last summer, she recalled naoki seemed to have bought a sunflower to present to one of the concert performer, but in the end, he didnt manage to and gave it to a little kid instead.

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