Friday, September 11, 2009

SHISEIDO Super Mild Chikara shampoo and conditioner

I recently swapped from Shiseido TSUBAKI to this special edition - Shisedo Super Mild Chikara Conditioner. Reason being, what can i say, its even better.

PRODUCT CLAIM 「concept of mother's milk

Contains the components of a mother's milk. These components help increase the thickness and resilience of the hair. It will strengthen thin and weak hairs and protect them from damage. The amazing soybean is so full of linoleic acid, proteins and other beauty-enhancing gifts from Mother Nature.


I started with using the Super Mild Chikara 「チカラ」Massage Super Mask 「マッサ—ジスパマスク」 conditioner and recently upgraded to include the bottle conditioner after my tsubaki ran out.

One of my fav reason for using it apart from the nice light floral scent, is that the conditioner and treatment actually works well to detangle long hair during wash and the weightlessness effect even thru to the next day. My personal advice, Leave it on for a while for couple or more minutes before washing it off immediately greatly enhanced its effect. [best for about 5mins, go scrub your back while you leave your shower cap on doing the leave on]

I personally love the effect of the super mask treatment more than the daily conditioner. However, u can only use that once a week accordingly.

One difference i felt was how my long hair remains easily manageable to comb through and leaves your hair feeling light and airy when it dries. It doesnt stimulate any oil glands off your scalp so you dont feel as if your hair is oily or heavy after use. Being marketed as ''nurturing like mother's milk'', I vouch his product works well to deserve a spot of recommendation here.

While it is marketed as a family product, some may find the scent a little more feminine perhaps, though frankly, the fragrance is so light to me that it is hardly noticeable once it is rinse off. It is definitely not overpowering that will plunder and distort your senses.

Super mild original range has garnered rave reviews from many other users but I myself have not tried that. However this super mild chikara version is already a pretty superior product in my book for now.

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