Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BUZZER BEAT episode 08 review and summary


the episode basically started from last week when riko yelled from the window, telling naoki not to tell her things like let's not see each other anymore. when naoki dashed up to her apartment and hugged her tightly. he apologised to her, saying that he has fallen for her. riko replied that she has fallen for him as well, and that she doesnt want to be apart from him anymore. hearing that, naoki looked at her and gave her another deep passionate kiss but riko pulled away suddenly because she heard mami's footsteps and panicked.

Mami asked Riko why was she high in the middle of the nite at 3am when riko welcomed her back merrily. meanwhile, naoki was still hiding in riko's room. he peeked out from the window and looked at the court from her perspective. at the same time, mami wanted riko to give a birthday speech...

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