Monday, September 14, 2009

Moving moving [again].

one of my most unwanted ''nitemare'' has materialised. sigh, guess we are shifting again. christ how many times do we have to move before we can stay put for more than a year at each place. this is really getting tiring and a hassle but oh well, dont have much choice.

couple of reasons why we decided to end the lease and move to another place. primarily, we think its ridiculous to pay astronomical rent and the landlord is unwilling to come down by much. good luck on his next tenant search since our opposite unit owner has been hunting for tenants for at least 3months now, with asking price even below what our landlord is willing to come down to. people come and go to view the flat but no takers. well, with bloody renovation going on every other month, who the hell want to pay ridiculous amount of money down here for at least 14months. the whole complex is overpriced honestly so we are shifting. oh well, at least it has been a relatively good 14months staying here with all the convenience...but it doesnt warrant the price i reckon.

so the hunt begins. just given landlord 2 mths notice to vacate unit. so that means, i have from now till nov to hunt for our new place, as well as storage holding since i vote for going smaller size place with cheaper rent. At least a storage place rent would not be a fraction of the money we are paying. the problem is that my overly spoilt husband is so used to ''space'' that it would be hard to convince him to get used to staying in small ''compartment'' units.

My headache will be packing all over again. if I had known, I would have adopt the same stategy as in sydney and not unpack everything. now, it will be such a bloody tedious efforts to pack everything back into boxes... i am already shuddering from the thought. my husband always think ''its easy''. he just doesnt get the amount of work involved, [since he has never been involved], and so he always try to cut everything so close together. After the last time where we took off to canada right after australia and left us scrambling for flat viewing and moving and getting our frieght....This time round, i had to put my feet down from travelling near end of lease so that i can have time to settle logistics and administrative issues. at least he dint argue with me on this.

how on earth did our stuff grow unknowingly in a year is amazing...
i have to stop hoarding things and throw away old stuff... sentimental doesnt makes packing easy...

guess after the taipei trip, i will have lotsa things on my plate.

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