Monday, September 7, 2009

Seoul Travel log - royal guard exchange ceremony

this guard exchange ceremony is held outside the deoksugung [palace] at designated time slots.

The last session which i caught is at 3.30pm. the whole session is longer than the clip i caught on my camera but i didnt have much space left on my memory card, so this is just a short clip towards the ending of the ceremony where the guards are heading back towards the palace. However, its pretty much the same thruout. There was some korean shouout going on but i have no idea what was said.

i think the only thing that kinda ruined the effect was the fact that it is smack right in the city landscape, so its just harder to get into it when a huge dunkin doughnut signboard is hovering right behind, and the modern vehicle zooming past without a care is rather contrasting. IF this had been done inside the palace compound rather than surrounded by the tall modern structures, i think the grandness or royal solemn impact would have been greater...

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