Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dont make those rude noises woman

My morning started off badly. Firstly, the dell people screwed up my routine which i absolutely hate. So I was already in a relatively foul mood since I am late for my jap test with bus delay and all. I would not be in all this fix if it wasnt for dell.

In the mini-bus, I took the outer seat nearest to the door as i wanted to scramble down the bus quickly. Halfway thru the journey, this maid board the bus and headed towards me. I was texting my friend and so I moved my whole body and leg out of her way, to make ample room for the maid to move in to the window seat.

This dumb bitch simply assumed I would move inwards for her [even though my leg were already swinged outwards], and almost sat on me. When she realised she had to move inwards, this dumb cluck loudly made a clucking disgruntle sound to signal her unhappiness, AS IF I had made her do something so tedious and impossible.

Firstly, I must point out her hands were empty, the bus was stationary, and so she was in absolutely no danger of falling over or being rushed. I on the other day, had my hands full with my bags and files and phone. Plus i had already given her a WIDE BERTH to move inwards, so the bloody maid had absolutely NO REASON to make those rude noises at me.

Just her luck to catch me in my worst mood of the year in HK.

The minute she made those rude sound and made that ugly face, after almost sitting on me, I Told her off [loud enough] for her in a rather non-forgiving tone ''DONT YOU DARE MAKE THAT NOISE AT ME''

The maid was stunned. She didnt expect me to catch her and actually tell her off. Probably she expected me to be some Hk person too who wont be able to put her in her place. Go learn some manners biatch.

She froze in her steps and everyone in the bus [who understood english] turned to look at her. She quietly moved in and sat down without further ado, nor protest. I was obviously in the clear and I dont deserve to coop it from her, esp when i already made concessions for her.

Sometimes i just dont get these people. Dont assume everyone owe it to you to be nice.

Till this moment, I STILL HAVE NO REGRETS telling her off.

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Syahirah said...


geez i wouldnt dare do something like that, i would go like twitched silently. yesh rude woman.

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