Friday, September 11, 2009

Calvin Klein Torque Steel Bracelet

Got myself 2 pairs of new CK jeans recently. It helps when they are having 20percent discount off for 2 pairs, and they fit me nicely, not to mention with the cute label strip that can be seen when one fold the jeans inside out at the helm. My husband was so jealous that his CK jeans doesnt have this unique quirky thingie.

However, I was more pleased with my CK Stainless Steel Torque open bangle purchase.

At least compared to another one-size bangle silver piece that I liked from Tiffany, this is a fraction of the price [at HK900 after CK VIP discount] and it wont oxidised, and best of all, it has XS my size. I loved it for its simplicity, and angular design that simply catches my eye. Its simple enough to match and go with most attire esp simple monotone one-piece, or causal jeans-gear. I felt it gives a touch of difference to the overall appearance.

Its not too big that becomes a statement on its own but it stands on its own well, and its definitely not heavy that will weigh my wrists down.

What can i say. I love it and its a keeper for me.

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