Friday, September 11, 2009


I have never tried shiseido makeup range before. I never thought to primarily because I find it a hassle to apply makeup and costly to keep buying them.

My STILLA lipstick ran out and so I thought I would give MAQuillAGE a try. To be honest, I kinda regret buying the lipstick.


I got the new limited colour RD732 for the autumn 2009 range. The collaboration with upcoming NY based young fashion design - alexandra wang...blah blah blah

I tried a series of colour and frankly, I like very few of them. The biggest problem I faced was that the colour u see on the stick, differs rather vastly when it is applied on your lips. What looks brownish red kinda look more purplish red and brown looks nude on me. So it was a challenge already in picking the shades i normally would like.

The issue I have with this lipstick is that it has very very short staying power. I dont mind this colour because it looks nude on me. I did say I didnt want a matte finish but one with a little shine, but still, I wasnt all convinced that the colour should stay so shortly on me. Without a lip pencil, I think the lipstick is gone pretty soon. SO if you want a proper lipstick that has the colour staying on your lips but not staining them, I advise u to stick to stilla which has fab range of colours and works like it should. I will prob go get another refill of my fav stilla shade later.

The good thing about shiseido lipstick is that despite the unsatisfactory shades and staying power, it does work as if it is a lip balm. It kinda moist your lips upon application and takes the need away for a gloss for me. And since this shade i bought is so light, i can use it anytime without concern about what attire i am wearing. So for a better effect, i prob would use my mac lip pencil, colour in the shade and then apply the shisedo lipstick to get the final finish i want.

Plus this lipstick has no taste which is a bonus for me. I hate lipstick that comes with a funny taste. It is definitely a no no since i have a tendency at time to purse my lips together and i hate to feel as if i am eating some chemical off my lips. I DUN think anything that taste horrible can be all that good for u either...not that the tasteless one necessarily means it fares better...

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