Friday, September 11, 2009

Crabtree and Evelyn - LA SOURCE RELAXING BODY SILK review

For the longest time, the LA SOURCE BODY SCRUB is the only product i LOVE and would faithfully purchase from crabtree and eveyln.

However recently, I decide to add another item to my list. LA SOURCE RELAXING BODY SILK [海洋SPA柔丝保湿精华175ml]. It functions like a body moisturiser except it is in the form of a spray bottle rather than a normal body lotion.

Now, I have used the La Source relaxing body lotion before. My gf had given me a set as xmas present previously. while i profess to like the crisp relaxing scent of the lotion, I dont quite like the after lotion feel. It isnt exactly greasy, and it does absorb into the skin, but yet it leaves a film such that I know the lotion is there. Thus subsequently, I never bothered to restock when the lotion bottle was done.


NOW, the precise reason why i am raving about the body silk spray is how it differs from its lotion counterpart. It smells exactly like the la source range body lotion, and it works perfectly too, leaving your skin silky smooth. However what i really like about it, is that it is waterbased and after you rub the spray in, it simply get absorbed within seconds and viola, you dont feel as if u have applied anything. I LOVE THAT. The only giveaway is the faint scent and how your fingers can glide across the skin feeling the gentle lustrous smooth skin after application.

So if u are tired of hunting down a good body lotion that leaves your skin smelling great and feeling nice, without the ''after application feel''. This would possibly be your best bet, that is if you are like me who prefers a crisp sea scent than floral scent after shower.

ps - what is rather strange though is that while i can buy if off the HK STORES, I cannot seem to locate this item off their official website.

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