Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buzzer Beat 10 Review and Summary

omg omg... its out its out. I waited till 5am but nothing was posted and finally its out. let me warn u..the ending is depressing for me....i cannot wait for the 75mins special ep next week...

buzzer beat episode 10 synopsis
ブザー・ビート 10話:最終章・別れ

Naoki bumped into the coach who was leaving the apartment. Seeing the expression on his face, naoki chased after him. Naoki started to apologise for falling for riko. ''i am sorry. I have fallen for riko but its not her fault. we started out just as friend, but i cannot control my feelings, so...''

The coach cut him off.
''naoki. did u know what happened in the room between me and riko earlier. because of u, i had tenderly hugged a crying girl tightly. i dont think you can protect her.'' the coach said.

''no i disagree. i want to protect her. maybe i am not strong enough yet, and always lacking self confidence, and filled with inferority complex, but she knew that me and accepted it, my basketway and way of life, as long as i have her by my side, i can become stronger. she is a very important person to me, so i need to protect her carefully and cherish her. i want us to chase after our dreams together. so, i am truly sorry.'' naoki shared as he bowed politely to the back of the coach in apology and added', ''but i will never let go of her.''

the coach gave a weak smile to himself before turning ard to say in jest. '' u are both indeed a detestable couple. earlier, riko has said exactly the same thing to me.''


meanwhile for those who can access veoh, here is the raw video link to watch.


It Starts with a Smile =) said...

Thanks for sharing! Surely that takes my mind off the "what happened in buzzer beat ending?" I didn't have time to watch it, even now I can't watch it because I'm at a school computer which doesn't permit students to watch videos..except if it has to be homework. anyway, thanks again!

Nomad said...

Thanks!!! I'm glad the summaries help in your catching up with the series:) Dont we all wish there isnt any watchdogs on internet in schools:)