Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Osaka Okonomiya KIJI

I just realised I had completely forgotten to blog about my Osaka lazy can i get..

Then again, there really wasnt much to blog about. It was all sightseeing and eating. Of course, I made my brother and sister in law walk so much [in osaka and nara and kyoto] that their legs were aching so much, and they actually lost weight after they got back. The funniest thing was that I was such a tough boot camp trainer that they relish the fact that I had gone back one day earlier before them, so that they can snooze till late and rest for their last day in osaka. haaaaa haaaaa. From there, my brother told me they decided to keep up with the 'healthy'' lifestyle and continue exercising back in sg.

Osaka is a great place for food.

One of our all time fav was the okonomiyaki place at the Umeda Sky building, which came highly recommended on the osaka tourist website, and other bloggers.

It is located at the basement, known as Kiji. A non conspicuious little store. we almost missed it. The store set up is simple, plain and old, reeking of cherished, sentimental nostalgia. The menu are written in Japanese on the wall, and there were sooooooo many name cards and photos plastered all over the place, with fond memories left behind from earlier customers, dating as far back as a decade.
The owner, a yasashii oji sama [kind old man] came to us and asked us where we were from. I managed to hold simple conversation with him and he was relatively 'taken by the fact I knew their language enough that he said he would make 2 special okonomiyaki for us. Perhaps he treats other tourists equally kindly, i dont know for sure but its always nice to be respectful.

We had countless servings, though some communication mishap had us landed with a few wrong okonomiya. so much so that we had too much noodles and too little meat... towards the end, my brother and i finally realised the name of the item we want, written on the picture on the wall to our left. damn... too late. we were completely stuffed to the brim.

When we were leaving, I thanked Oji-san again for his wonderful meal. He surprised us when he told us that he will give both the cutlery set to both my nephews as souvenirs for this trip. I was really thankful for his kind gesture. He didnt have to but his nice act certainly left a deep impression on this trip, apart from the fact that his food was delicious...

If i had a chanceto return or recommend, this is definitely the place to go. [ I cannot rem if they have any english menu] IMPT note, Do note seatings are limited, so it will be good to go early.
location = 531-0076 B1F Umeda Sky Bldg, 1-1-90 Oyodonaka Kita-ku Osaka
opening hrs = 11:30~21:30 

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