Saturday, August 16, 2008

2nd day in Seattle -City

The next day in Seattle was shopping time considering the weak US currency! I have got to be a moron not to take advantage of the lower price now, so I headed off for a great spree! As usual, Max Mara never fails me. After hunting high and low all over, I managed to find 2 gorgeous dresses at MM. I was feeling fabulous already!

Lunch was again fantastic at Etta's....

Its still new to get accustom to the idea of a full meaty crab cake full of crab meat... Oh i love the dungess crab!

Since we had so much time to kill, we ended up catching a flick -The Mummy 3. It was a little disappointing and I didnt quite like it as much as the earlier 2. Somehow the characters lacked chemistry together, the sequence is thin and only Brendan and the guy acting as Jonathan were holding the show together. The new lead actress just couldnt draw me in into her role. She just wasnt convincing.

When we passed this children's boutique, we stopped and bought couple of dresses for our host's daughter and another good friend who was delivering. The little girls dresses were sooooocute and gorgeous! I almost wish they had the adult version. They were those prim and proper floral french like dress complete with outer cardigan etc. It was fun picking because I knew exactly which style will suit which kid (with one half korean-german and the other half american-chinese!)

It was pretty strange boarding the public bus back. For some reason, we didnt have to pay any fare at all because at some timing, the bus is apparently free. I am not sure how it works but I am certainly not complaining since the driver said I didnt have to. Free public transport at specific time, another new concept to get use to...

BBQ that night was great and since their in laws were in town, it was a good gathering of fun, food and drinks. Even baby sage didnt want to sleep and joined us for our late dinner instead.

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