Monday, August 18, 2008

H.E powder

The thing about relocating from one country to another, it isnt about lifestyle changes alone, it potentially affects your electrical whitegoods too!

I never knew that it would be such a complete futile attempt to locate a H.E laundry detergent. In fact, it is possible that 80% of HK people havent heard of a H.E washer and detergent. As such, it has been complete waste of time and effort the whole week looking at every supermarket from Market place, Park and Shop international and Citysuper.

H.E = High Efficiency.

If you use a regular detergent powder instead of a H.E powder, the likelyhood is that you are going to damage your washer drum in the long run because of the chemical composition and typically high suds. Many people have ingrained into their mind that the more foam you see the cleaner your clothes will be. Truth to be told, it is not true. Likely the more suds you have for front load washer, you will damage the internal drums. Yeah, even doing laundry requires a minimal knowledge. It's pointless in investing the best machinery and housewares if you do not know how to care for it to prolong its life. In that sense, being a housewife in itself is a profession. You too have to know your trade and technicalities.

The nearest option is low sud formula and that is still not ideal. However, I am left with no other options apparently.

Brand "Tide " one of my favorite laundry powder/ detergent produces H.E powder and while HK carries Tide powder, they didnt bring in the Tide H.E version since presumably, they didnt think HK people would be using it.

I am so going to miss Omo Matic H.E powder which I have been using in Australia. Perhaps the next trip back to Sydney, I would buy huge big boxes to stock up save me further headaches in HK....

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