Friday, August 29, 2008

My grief and angst stemming from PCCW

I have no idea how many times I have to f**k the PCCW technical people before they understand my complaints.

Firstly the PCCW NOW cable TV reception was horrible from day one of installation. It was jerky with those screechy sounds for every channel. I tried to call the technical line and was like on hold for 3 hours before anyone, ANYONE picked up the phone! They sent a technician and didnt fixed the problem the first time. They reset the program and changed the cable downstairs and told me to monitor the "progress" before the technician left. Fking hell, I couldnt even start out the decoder because a pin was enforced. I had to call for another 3 hours to complain about the pin, only to find out the technician didnt load my reset data to the main board and has to be done the next day. I gave the customer service a piece of my mind since the 3 hours wait on phone drove me to the wall and the screw ups just set off the bomb in me.

Sp I raved and I ranted. I kicked up a stink and refused to pay for the past week since I havent been able to watch a single thing. They waived it and asked me to call back the customer service once the technician fixed it. I went berserk and told them to CALL ME instead since i have no intention of waiting for another 3 freaking hours on the phone.

So the technician came again the following day wed and again the problem wasnt solved. Getting extremely annoyed. So the technician suggested laying a physical cable instead of a home plug running on electricity or something. However, he didnt have a long enough cable so he just used what he had running across from living room to the study room modem. He promised to fix it on friday.

Friday was typhoon so he said he will return on sat. I waited whole morning on saturday and called his mobile. He then claimed he got busy and didnt have time. I was fed up and he said he will come on sun morning.

Sunday came and he called in the morning to say he couldnt come because he was busy and my "appointment order" has lapsed after 7 days. Fucking idiot. So I had to call the technical line again.

After another 3 hours, I got through on sunday night. The customer service woman with horrible english couldnt understand a single word i said. I explained the reception is good now but i needed someone to lay the cable properly along the wall to the modem in the study room. The customer service didnt understand and said it cannot be done. This time I was really really really pissed. Short from yelling "stupid" and "useless" at them, I really want to throttle someone. They promise to send a technician on following tuesday but they didnt have the brains to ask the same technican for details.

Tuesday came, the technician called and said it wasnt his job. I swear I was ready to butcher someone. I yelled, really YELLED at him this time. Stopped being miss nice under control. I told him to fucking call the customer service and sort it out. Finally, that worked... or so i thought.

The customer service guy who had a better command of english explained the cabling laying is handled by another department and so he set up a conference call as he had the common sense to avoid making me repeat my outstanding problems. Christ, the other girl couldnt seem to understand nor speak english. Anycase, next appointment is on 1st sept to fix things up and again they waived the relocation fee supposedly because they have caused me immense grief and time. We will SEE.

Just when I thought all was settled. Wednesday, another customer service called to query on status and apparently he didnt know what was going on. I SO WANTED TO SCREAM. I told him to check with his other colleague who set up the meeting and hung up the phone.

I am just simply EXHAUSTED.

When can HK people learn to hire people who can comprehend and communicate in English. Dont have a option to select "English", only to barely provide that English service.

That night, I told my husband. My HK nightmares are returning. Now I remember all the things I hated about HK. However we both agreed, at least in HK, when you complained hard enough, things get done and sometimes fees get waived. That is SOOOOoooo NOt going to happen in Australia. They will just fk care you in the service industry.

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