Friday, August 22, 2008

Grizzly and black bears at Grouse Mountain

Been so busy settling into my new apartment that it's hard to find time to complete my vancouver holidays updates. Since I cannot do it sequentially in chronological order, I guess I can only do the highlights in drips and draps whenever i can. (One has to click on Vancouver label to read all related posts i guess.)

It was an absolutely lovely morning to head to Grouse mountain. A little chillier than I expected for a summer morning but I loved every moment of it! I was well rewarded with peace and tranquility to be the FIRST to hit Grouse mountain by the cable. Waking up at 4am was well worth it to beat the crowd.

(Morning view when heading to catch the ferry to North Vancouver)

( A mountain top view of the cable car)
(View when taking the ski chairs up at Grouse mtn)

(Inside the "cabin lodge" before viewing the video screening on the local bears)

(Lumbering up to join his "brother", as far away from noisy human possibly)

(Having a pleasant early morning sunny)

Saw the orphaned grizzly bears and I loved watching them, though idiotic people pisses me off with their barbaric behaviour of yelling at the bear in attempt to provoke them. All these nonsense for a stupid photoshot of the bear so that they can brag about it to their friends. These are the sort of people who deserves to be maimed by bears honestly. The bears were constantly trying to run to a quiet corner but people chased them round the fences refusing to give them any peace nor privacy.

I sympathised the bear with their enclosed living but hey, the bright side was that they weren't killed as typical orphaned bears would be... The two bears though of different species appeared to rely and depend on each other with a strong bond. It's amazing just looking at them.

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