Friday, August 22, 2008

Orca Whales Watch (Part 1)

After reading the sad news of the death of humpback calf, I remembered I havent got to share my Orca (killer) Whale watch trip in Vancouver.

They were one of the most majestic creatures in the sea and they always leave me in awe. You have to catch them in action, to understand the love relationship with whales by many including myself.

They were simply too quick for my shuttle and so I had contented with just watching them by the side. They were amazing and very very very cute!!! One even did a spy hop and a back flip which were absolutely delight!

As there were many people on the boat, I didnt felt like inching my way so i decided to watch from "afar" on the inside. The captain of the boat spotted that and was very kind to offer me the captain view and hence the chance of me fliming them on my camera.

(Video 1: We were trying to locate the pods of whales and suddenly they all came swimming towards our boat happily splashing away! They swam so quickly that a minute you see their fluke, the minute they are miles away from us!)

(Video 2: I was so excited seeing them so close!)

(Video 3: I couldnt wipe off my silly grin as i watched them roll in water so close!)

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dreams come true said...

I love whales too! But I've never had a chance to see them in the wild before. :( WIsh I have a diving license!