Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just catching up...

.. with people I havent seen in years. Its nice to see them seperately again and conversations couldnt halt for hours. I nearly gone hoarse from laughing and talking so much!

YT and Tracy had me laughing the most. They are the two who actually wrote and told me that not only did they miss my loud booming laughters, they actually missed my 4 letter "F" swearing. Now that is a first! I never knew anyone would miss my swearings!

Apparently, I was told my swearing didnt sound like swearing... it was so well incoporated into my structural speech that one doesnt realise I have just swore... till well... after minutes had passed. Haaaa haaaa.

Anycase, the bottom line is, my swearing didnt sound vulguar. Now... THAT's a skill learnt after 15years of swearing "Faaaaaaaaaar-king hell". To think I got a slap once when my mum heard me utter my first "FK" at home...such perfection now... Hoo Hoo Hoo..
PS: It was sooo painful not to swear in front of kids.... I was so afriad they will pick it up from me after watching "Meet the fockers", where the little baby boy learnt to say his first "S-Oooooooo" (asshole) after hearing it once....

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