Monday, August 4, 2008

Ugly Singaporeans aplenty

During the 2 weeks I am back, the memories of ugly singaporean are thrust right back in my face.

Super Kia-See (Scared of everything) ,
Super Kia-Su, (Afriad to Lose out)
Super Ai-Sa, (Boastful, Show-off)
Super Stupid. (Basically brainless)

These common syndromes have gotten from bad to worse with the economy peaking. The wannabes numbers are getting ridiculously high, and obnoxiously disgustingly. These people carry expensive branded bags,wear gold rolex watches (not sure if its authentic), walk around the mall expecting people to fawn on them as they want others to think they are rich. However the truth is, they are either super stingy, or just NOT that rich. In 1 hour alone in orchard, I already encountered 2 very "Hao-lian" SG people.

My very good friend is expanding a new shop in Taka and she had promotion today. I was chatting with my friend as we just finished lunch and I wanted to patronise her store for some australian products in support of her upcoming new opening, but most importantly I love the products she brings in and they are REALLy good.

My husband spotted this old guy in very causual attire starting munching on every samples in sight and constantly flashing his rolex to the staff promotors. Yet when he realised the jar of passion fruit was about $20, he freaked out and lamented "its very expensive". It's like you can buy a rolex watch but considered $20 for premium australian food is expensive? Obviously this guy has NEVER bought anything in Sydney or Melbourne if he thinks that was expensive. Perhaps he has NEVER been to anywhere else apart from developing countries.

My friend told me she has gotten used to it and such people are aplenty in singapore that she isnt fazed by even uglier singaporeans anymore. She told me that when she have free food sampling, people turned into vultures. "Honor/ Honesty system" is one thing that will fail terribly here in Singapore undoubtingly.

Later when I was shopping at CK Tangs. This woman in the changing room next to me was constantly harping about size and cut over one dress. She got the sales woman to run to and fro getting variety of styles and sizes. While that is perfectly common as a customer to try, what grinds on my nerves was how she never stop bragging about her wealth and how she and her daughter always shares the same clothes. I didnt know if she wanted the sales lady to compliment her (which the sales person did). After a good 30mins of hassle and fuss and nitpicking, she only bought one cheap top after much bitching.

Meanwhile I was walking in and out of the dressing room on my own trying the dresses I picked and I ended my trip with 3 dresses. While I walked past the sales staff after paying, I overheard the older sales person telling the one who had helped me to get new pieces for my purchaes "Wah! Yours bought 3 items so quickly and mine talk so much only bought one."


littlecartnoodles said...

You know, a lot of so-called Ugly Singaporean behaviour is also evident on the streets of HK.

I think it all boils down to our DNA - kiasuism is actually a Chinese thing. Have you heard of the HK expression, Do not "chap xu" ? (Do not "pick up books" ?)

"me-no-mad" said...

yes i know. However, I expect lesser from people in Hk than people in sg. for one, Hk people cannot help with major influx of china people over the years legally and illegally thuout. Also, they are taught the chinese way unlike singaporean who are supposedly to benefit from the western teaching. also, HK living conditions and levels are more vastly different and bigger gap than those in sg.

In IFC, times square malls, I have have problems with public toilets for female. I dun get the ugly wet tissue all over the cubicles and disgusting female pads out in open on top of the bin instead of inside the bin. I am comparing malls to malls only and so really, i think its a shame sgporeans have not learn.

People like to blame it is also the foreigners coming in, while in some aspects there is impact, but i think sgporeans on the whole still doesnt care. They think "not my house toilet and there is cleaners here" so they simply dun care.

"me-no-mad" said...

i mean i do not get problems in IFC and time square malls in Hk unlike those in taka etc