Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TVB: Moonlight Resonance (溏心风暴之家好月圆)

Since I moved to HK, I have been completely glued to the new HK series "Moonlight Resonance" (家好月圆).

Initially I was alittle confused because it was the same cast as 溏心風暴 and I was catching it from ep 15 onwards. Then I realised they used the same cast but acting in a completely different plot and script and characters!

After watching a few episide, it was enough to get me glued!!! So i went to internet to backtrack the old episodes that I had missed. (watch here). Too bad there isnt english subtitles but there is mandarin and cantonese versions.

What was really strange though is that the internet site that I am watching is even more advance than the local TVB TV airing! It is about 1 episode advance that what HK TV is showing which puzzled me alot. Well I aint complaining since I get to watch any episode I missed or if I know I wont be able to watch the next episode on TV.

So if you havent been seeing any good drama lately, give this one a go. :P
So much scheming and manipulations... so typical of HK drama...haaa haaaa

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