Monday, August 4, 2008

My 3 main gripes about singapore.

3 main gripes I have about SIngaporeans on this trip back. The city has gotten even more populated than I remembered when I had left. The crowd is more overwhelming than before. However some things never changed.

After about 40 years of civilisation, Singaporeans still bloody do not know how to use public toilet and keep it clean. They still pee all over the place/ seat without a thought of wiping up after their deed, throw their femine waste all over unwrapped. Yet they unbashingly still expect a neat and clean public toilet at all times when they do not contribute to keeping it clean.

After close to 20 years of MRT usage, selfish Singaporeans STILL have not learn to STAND ON ONE SIDE of the escalator, freeing the other side for others who wants to walk up/ down the escalators. They fuckingly stupidly like to hog the escalators on BOTH sides without care. Why havent they learn such basic sensitivity and courtesy is beyond me. In Canada, London and sometimes HK, such idiotic people will get yelled at. I have witness tourists not obeying the "stand on one side" practice and people would yelled out "PLEASE STAND ON ONE SIDE, PEOPLE PASSING THROUGH." In singapore, I think people couldnt care less though some younger ones would if you excuse yourself.

On the road, Singaporean drivers are either possessed when they get behind the wheels or their brains again gone to mashed. They tailgate, change lanes without signaling and I have seen so many accidents on the highway that I get penalisaed with a higher cab fare because we have more morons on the roads who caused jams and accidents. These deserved to get their license suspended and taken away from them. If we have narrow one lanes like in HK, I love to see how many will crash their cars. They will absolutely deserved it.

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