Friday, August 22, 2008

Typhoon 9 raging on!

The damaging typhoon rain started to pound about 8pm++ and has being raging on for over an hour now. By then, I totally couldnt see the other buildings around mine due to the wet mist/ fog.

Honestly, its pretty scary with the gale whipping up a storm outside and banging on the windows. It sounded like millons broken glasses are slamming on my windows intermittenly. At one point while cooking, I actually retreated out to the living room because the rain was vigorously striking on the windows so hard. I had this illogical paranoid vision of the glass breaking.

Watched the night news reporting in the afternoon during the short "break" from the storm, firemen are working hard to remove the uprooted thick trees, fallen scafolding as well as aluminum roofs that have flown away... Salute to them!

I hate to imagine the damages to be reported tomorrow... I hope no one dies from this. Why would anyone expect flights to take off today is beyond me. I would have voluntarily swap to another flight out later! No freaking way I would want to travel through such turbulence!

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